Saturday, August 1, 2009

javacom change name

I have been asked by Sun Microsystems to change my App Store name to others stating that Javacom is an Unauthorized use of Java Trademark.

Obviously, I don't have the ability to counter with their request. But I have a few words to say

First of all, my name in App Store is javacom not Javacom
Second, Java and Java applet are not supported by official iPhone App Store app or web app.
Third, I did not program in Java, I only drink a cup of java when I do programming.

May be I have to drink milk instead.... Coffee may not be good for me


iDakota said...

Technically they don't own the word Java. So if you say it is as in a cup of hot java, then its legal.

iDakota said...

Also here is a link to help you:

They don't own the island of Java, so why don't they quest for its name change? lol....