Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Enable Emoji without jailbreak iPhone

There is no need to guess and wait for update. This patch works for firmware 2.2 / 2.2.1

Emoji is the Japanese name for pictorial characters, smileys and emoticons. The characters are similar to the commonly used emoticons but Emoji contains over 461 icons. These icons are standardized and built into most japanese handsets.

Currently, this new feature for firmware 2.2 is available to Japanese iPhone 3G or jailbreak iPhone with emoji patch only.

To enable Emoji without jailbreak, you need to install an app that I made.

This is not a vcard.vcf method, this is a patch like the one in Cydia but available to iPhone and no jailbreak required. The above screen dump is directly captured from my iPhone 3G, and no jailbreak.

Touch Dial Emoji Version 1.2

To enable Emoji, follow these steps
(1) Upgrade iPhone firmware to 2.2

(2) Install Touch Dial Emoji version 1.2 from App Store
iTunes Link

Yes, you have to pay for this app. If you don't like to pay, jailbreak your iPhone and install the package from Cydia, it is free.

(3) Goto Settings -> Touch Dial -> turn Enable Smiley icon to ON

(4) Launch Touch Dial

(5) Go to Settings>General>Keyboard>International Keyboards>Japanese and enable "Emoji."

The difficulty of this app is not on coding as the method is well known, it is about how to get it past.

One more thing, new hack is coming.


Anonymous said...

Hi, May I ask you about how to write an Chinese input method on iPhone or ipod touch please?

javacom said...

I think you have to ask
iCosta or iAcces
They have implementations in jailbreak iPhone.

Anonymous said...

but i need to write a brand new one by myself. Therefore do you know how can i get started with? e.g. using wt framework etc.
Thanks for replying me!! =]

javacom said...

iCosta is a freeware, and the developer is also very helpful. I think you can ask him directly and seek his advice