Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to skip provisioning profile for iPhone SDK 2.2 (build 9M2621)

The trick to skip provisioning profile still works

Just backup and edit the file


and add the magic words in red as below



Please remember to restart your Xcode after the amendment above.

I have tested it to build app on jailbreaked iPhone firmware 2.1 & 2.2

For MobileInstallation patch, please use my package as posted here

Updated Notes
If you have "security policy error" after Build & Go. Do these steps

(1) Install a new free app from App Store in iPhone (not sync from iTunes)
(2) Launch that newly purchased free app and then close it.
(3) Reboot your iPhone (that is power off and on again)
(4) Launch the app again that you have Build & Go in Xcode to iPhone.

Please also refer to the latest article for SDK2.2.1


Anonymous said...

I have some problems.
firmware on my iPhone g1 is 2.1.

I've installed previosly sdk 2.0. And used it about 2 months.
Today I've installed sdk 2.2 and updated Info.plist as shown here. And it doesn't help me. I still have " No provisionning..." error.

javacom said...

You need to close your Xcode and restart again.

Anonymous said...

I deleted /Developer and installed a new sdk 2.2 from Apple.
After the install, (and updating the Info.plist),
I now get the the warning: CodeSign warning: provisioning is not applicable for product type 'Application' in SDK 'Device - iPhone OS 2.2'; ignoring...
(when compiling)

and then I get ApplicationVerificationFailed in the Organizer when I attempt to install the app.

this is with a project that compiled ok with 2.1.

Firmware is 2.2 (Pwnagetool)

javacom said...

Please use my MobileInstallation patch package as posted here

Anonymous said...

Hi Javacom,

That was the problem - I had installed 2.2 on my iPhone and then forgotten to install the MobileInstallation patch!

thanks for your help!

AndrewNeo said...

I've set up the SDK correctly (the app deploys to my iPod Touch) but when I try to Build and Go, it puts it on the device, but I get "Error from Debugger: Error launching remote program: security policy error." in Xcode, and if I try to run it on the device, I get "The application "MyTestApp" cannot be opened." Any clue what I've missed? I have a jailbroken Touch running 2.2.

Anonymous said...

Same setup and same problem like AndrewNeo. Cannot figure out what is wrong. Somebody solved that issue?

Anonymous said...

Same issue here like AndrewNeo. Installed 2.2 and the MobilePatch from Javacom (Thanks for your work!) and updated the info.plist. Then I get the security policy error too. Anybody? Thanks!

javacom said...

Please see my updated Notes for solving the "security policy error"

Anonymous said...

hi Javacom. I still get the security error after I follow the steps to fix it.

I believe I have done everything else correctly, as the Application is sitting on my SpringBoard. It just pops up and says unable to open application. Please let me know of anything else I can do.


javacom said...

Do exactly the steps that I described to install a "NEW" app in iPhone. Do that again and follow the steps exactly, it should work.

Anonymous said...

So... do you delete the app before you install and run a NEW itunes app and reboot? or do you leave it there and just run the app after you reboot?

Or do you hit "Build and Go" in Xcode again after reboot? please clarify.

javacom said...

You leave that "build & go" app there

and install a new app from App Store and launch it and reboot

and then run your app again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I followed your instructions including the updated notes about purchasing a free app. However when I try to run the previously installed Build & Go app I get the message "The application "HelloWorld" cannot be opened. Any ideas on what may be causing this? I have a 2.1 jailbroken original iphone with patched mobileinstallation.

Anonymous said...

I edited the Info.plist, installed the patched mobileinstallation file from cydia and even did that fix "downloading a free app from the app store"

but I'm still getting the "CodeSign Error:" in Xcode, as I did before doing that.

any ideas?
iPod touch 1G FW 2.2, jailbroken

javacom said...

If you don't have the codesign certificate, please refer to this article and use the updated XCode Template 3.5.2

Anonymous said...

Does this work for 2.2.1 ??

Anonymous said...

I have some problem with this, all of them in step (1):

- I can't find "Code Signing Provisioning Profile" in my project settings
- how do i edit the Info.plist file to add:
"CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY[sdk=iphoneos*] = "iPhone Pwned Developer";

please, please help!!!

thank you in advcance.

Anonymous said...

By making the change to the .plist file as stated above, creating a self signed certificate named iPhone Developer, and finally restarting the computer, I can confirm that this method DOES work with the 2.2.1 SDK release. I have not yet been able to test out the app on my actual device yet but will post my results once I have.

javacom said...

For SDK 2.2.1, please read my recent article here

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Updated Notes" section. I was going crazy trying to figure out why I could get Apple's demo "Which way is up" app on my iPhone, but not my recently revived iPod Touch. So many guides are missing the "install a free app" step if you haven't got any AppStore apps installed.