Wednesday, September 10, 2008

[How-to] Install gcc compiler and build toolchain app for pwned iPhone 2.0.x firmware

The gcc in iPhone procedure is updated here for the pwned iPhone firmware 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2

If you install iPhone GCC, it is important to set root partition to about 700M in pwnage, if you set it too small your will get into trouble whenever there is an upgrade of GCC, as some of the libexec cannot be symlink to second partition.

You have to install the following packages in Cydia
  • GNU C Compiler 
  • iPhone 2.0 Toolchain 
  • Make 
  • Link Indentity Editor
  • wget (... in order to download the following sample in iPhone)
  • zip (... in order to unzip the following sample in iPhone)

then download the following zip file in your iPhone to test build your iPhone toolchain app

shellscript: Select all


shellscript: Select all

cd HelloWorld
make install

Restart your springboard, then you will have the HelloWorld app on your springboard

To uninstall
shellscript: Select all

cd HelloWorld
make uninstall


Leo said...

Hey, nice info! Do you know if I have to run Idid to bypass Apple protection in order to keep my app on SpringBoard? Cheers!

Leo said...

Ok, just bypassed the certificate with ldid!