Monday, December 30, 2013

How to install thoes under Xcode 5 (iOS 7)

(1) Installation (note : you have to install Command Line Tools (Mountain Lion/Mavericks) for Xcode 5)    Select all
# clone theos.git cd ~ git clone theos-rpetrich # clone iphoneheaders.git cd ~/theos-rpetrich/; ./ init; git submodule update --recursive # get dpkg-deb for Mac OS X curl -OL chmod a+x dpkg-deb-fat sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin sudo mv dpkg-deb-fat /usr/local/bin/dpkg-deb # get ldid for Mac OS X cd ~/theos-rpetrich/bin curl -OL chmod a+x ldid # get libsubstrate.dylib (multiple archs and supports arm64) cd ~/theos-rpetrich/lib curl -OL mv libsubstrate_arm64.dylib libsubstrate.dylib

Download Xcode_4.4.1 and Xcode_4.6.2 from and drag them to /Applications folder Rename them as /Applications/ and /Applications/ Download the latest Xcode 5 and install it

(2) get ilogit for test build
mkdir -p ~/Projects
cd ~/Projects
curl -OL
tar -xf ilogit-tweak-ios7-example.tar

#make symlink
cd ilogit
ln -s ~/theos-rpetrich theos

(3) Modify Makefile, change to

Makefile    Select all
TARGET := iphone:clang THEOS_PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT_armv6 = /Applications/ THEOS_PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT_armv7 = /Applications/ THEOS_PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT_arm64 = /Applications/ SDKVERSION_armv6 = 5.1 SDKVERSION_armv7 = 6.1 SDKVERSION_arm64 = 7.0 TARGET_IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_VERSION_armv6 = 5.1 TARGET_IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_VERSION_armv7 = 6.1 TARGET_IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_VERSION_arm64 = 7.0 IPHONE_ARCHS = armv6 armv7 arm64 TWEAK_NAME = iLogIt iLogIt_FILES = Tweak.xm iLogIt_LIBRARIES = substrate include theos/makefiles/ include $(THEOS_MAKE_PATH)/

(4) Make package

make package

Please refer to this for the updated iOS7 tweaks