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Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone gcc for SDK 3.2 & iPad

iPhone gcc for SDK 3.2
(1) Install iphone gcc installed in your jailbroken iPad with firmware 3.2

iPhone gcc is available in Cydia. To install it in you need to do these

# assume you have installed APT 0.6 Transitional and Aptitude and wget in Cydia, so that you can use the command apt-get
# if libgcc is broken in Cydia, you have to install it manually before iphone-gcc
dpkg -i libgcc_4.2-20080410-1-6_iphoneos-arm.deb
# install iphone-gcc
apt-get install iphone-gcc

Moreover, install these utilities via apt-get as well

apt-get install make ldid zip unzip wget

for editor in iPad you could use vim or nano

(2) Header files for toolchain and SDK 3.2

the header files for SDK 3.2 is available in one zipped tar file (sys32.tgz). You can download it (about 147M) here

(3) copy and untar the required headers and libraries (first copy to /var/mobile/sys32.tgz) and install it in iPad say

mkdir -p /var/toolchain/
cd /var/toolchain/
tar -xzvf /var/mobile/sys32.tgz

(4) Use this sample and unzip it to test.

This TabBar sample source code is compatible with iPad and iPhone gcc, with auto-rotation and auto-resizing support.

cd TabBarSample
make install

The package includes a new command line utility called appinstall, it is used to install compiled app to /var/mobile/Applications/* directory for iPad, it simulates the app install process via XCode.